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Irrigation Leak Detection

Sprinkler and irrigation systems make maintaining a yard or landscape easy – until a problem occurs. Irrigation leak detection services are a highly sought service when sprinkler and irrigation systems cause a problem for commercial and residential property owners. 

Leak Inspector’s irrigation leak detection services are unparalleled because we are highly experienced in the geography of Florida. We know the land and how the most and least common irrigation leaks happen and why. That makes us the best solution to finding and fixing any irrigation leak. 

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Quick And Easy Irrigation Leak Detection

Irrigation leaks are considerably frustrating for home and business owners, especially when they are well aware of the leak but have no idea where it’s coming from. You might see shooting water from the ground, water flowing over the curb, or erosion/cracked ground and still have no clue where the leak is happening. 

We have seen the effect of irrigation leaks on property owners and we have seen the relief they have once we arrive and take control of the situation. Our non-invasive and precise leak detection services give our customers some comfort knowing that their properties don’t have to be torn up to locate a leak. 

Call for non-invasive, accurate irrigation leak help today!

Why Should You Choose Leak Inspector?

Local Knowledge

We know Florida. We know the geography and the most and least common types of irrigation leaks in the local community. We can resolve these fast.

Professional Help

We aren’t sending amateurs to your property. When you call Leak Inspector, you can trust that you are getting a professional.

Commercial & Residential Solutions

No matter how big or small the landscape is, we can locate a leak precisely and help you resolve the problem faster.

24 Hour Services

Just like irrigation leaks, we can show up day or night. Don’t stress about the time of day, we can help you.  

Locally Experienced For The Best Resolution To Irrigation Leaks

Irrigation leaks can happen for several reasons, and we know that finding the source of the leak is top of mind for you. You want to know where the leak is happening and why so that it can be resolved immediately. 

While other leak detection services might be digging up your yard needlessly, Leak Inspector uses powerful, non-invasive equipment to accurately pinpoint the leak. It can easily be found accurately the first time and save you a lot of time and money. 

When you want it done right – call Leak Inspector. 

How it Works

Our 3-step process is quick and easy. 

Save Your Landscape - Call Leak Inspector Right Away

When you are dealing with irrigation leaks, you are probably dealing with flooding around your property and a mess that you don’t have time for. Leak Inspector will turn your flooded, muddy, overflowing yard back into the comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful landscape it was before the leaky mess.

Some irrigation leaks are more subtle, but if you suspect that you have one, you can avoid the flooding and muddy mess by reaching out to us immediately and stopping any further damage before it starts.

Call our experts right away!

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Leak Inspector proudly serves a broad range of communities across Southwest Florida, including Cape Coral, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, and the Tampa Bay area. Our comprehensive leak detection services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each city, providing residents and businesses with reliable solutions for water leak detection, plumbing leak detection, slab leak detection, and irrigation leak detection. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Leak Inspector is your trusted partner in safeguarding your property against leaks and water damage. Whether you’re in the bustling city of Tampa Bay or the serene surroundings of Naples, our expert team is ready to assist you with advanced, efficient, and affordable leak detection services.