Our Testimonials

  • We had a bad smell in our main church building that lasted for months. We brought several different vendors in to see if they can find the problem but no one could. So we decided to bring them in to look and see if they can see anything and within 2 hours they found the problem and we were able to fix the issue in the sewer system.

  • Did a great job, thanks a lot. Really helped us out in a tight spot. Said call if I have any questions or need anything explained, even came back to the house to better explain and answer questions in person. Can't say enough, did a great job with a good price and even told me what I can do to fix it and save us money ourselves. Found exactly where the leak was when I was ready to bust up a lot of concrete. Saved me a lot of work. Would highly recommend.

  • Just wanted to say that you did a great job for us in locating our geothermal underground pipe leak. This was no small job and we were very pleased with their service and highly recommend them!

    Conservancy of Southwest Florida